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LOTRO: Pre RoI Stats – Stats/Virtues Before and After RoI

With the release of RoI seems your toon might have some changes coming, the end of the stat cap, some deeds you have completed might have changed the virtue that was the reward... if you want to record your char's

Diablo 3: Warning – Don’t horde Rare or Legendary items

It's come to our attention that Rare and Legendary items are common. These items which should be extremely valuable, are dropping off of mobs like crazy, causing the gold auction house to become flooded with these babies. What's this mean

About Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates Game synopsis from: http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/goto/battle-pirates.shtml Battle Pirates is a Facebook game that gives you a base to build and warships to create. Build defenses, walls, and outfit your ships with different weapons and armor as you complete quests or

Battle Pirates: Mission Log Book Secret

Tom Riddle is gonna kill me for posting this, I am sure. You see, he researches most of the games I post tips and tricks for. Anyways, on the advice of a friend, I decided to check out Facebook's Battle