Daily Archives: 26 September 2011

Diablo 3: Release Date Announcement

This isn't a release date, in the normal sense. No, this is a push back, from the original belief that Diablo 3, would be released at the end of this year. It could be due to quality control issues (too

EQ2 Predator Vision + Feather Fall game hack

Perhaps you recall scenes from Predator movies where they flip through different types of vision? This simple trainer let's you do that in EQ2!  As an added bonus I've also granted the ability to enable feather fall, long jumping or

Battle Pirates: Trojan Horse Fleet Trick

Lately, I have found myself mining some nodes, only to have my fleet attacked. As someone who wants to kill as many enemies as possible, I have found this little Trojan Horse trick, which will trick the enemy into thinking