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Battle Pirates: Faster Resources Gathering trick

The obvious answer to faster mining, is to either attack others' bases or higher level mines. However there is also a trick, to gain resources faster on the mines themselves. It's a tactic you should be doing, once you start

Runescape: 1-99 Woodcutting Guide

This is a step by step guide to level 99 woodcutting without botting. You will learn where to cut, what to cut, and even which tools to use to cut from regular trees to magic trees. It will take you


With SWTOR about to come out, I thought we should show off a costume in honor of the game, on my favorite holiday... the day I get to make little kids sh*t themselves.

Diablo 3: New Weapon – Crossbow

Diablo III on its 3rd installment introduces a new addition to their line of range weapons. The crossbow is mutinously offered to all characters but it specializes more on Demon Hunter characters. With their task, demon hunters can now crush

Diablo 3 – Is Blizzard going to cheat on the RMAH?

When it comes to the Real Money Auction House (RMAH), we have to wonder if Blizzard will be cheating. I suspect this might be true. However let me lay some groundwork for you. In the late 90's, a gold selling

Runescape: 1-99 Fishing Guide

You can level Fishing WITHOUT bots! Once you know where to Fish, what to fish, and which mats to use to fish, it will make leveling 1-99 very easy. However you will need to be dedicated to level this, it takes

EVE Online: Killer 125 Page PvP Guide

This is quite simply a 125 page PvP guide to teach you everything you need to know about how to PvP in EVE. PvPing in EVE is a lot more intense then in other games, and really does need a

Using Disposable Alts to make Gold, Platinum, or Credits

In the world of gaming, a disposable alt, is a character you use for a short amount of time, then delete when their usefulness has passed. We can use disposable alts in many games, for may reasons, however the best

Dragon Nest: Swordmaster Hybrid Skill Build

The build below is actually for lvl 40 full hybrid Magic Swordmasters who want to learn the magic-based lv 40 skill. The build will also be changed when 2nd advancement is out due to some skill requirements in the 1st advancement tree. However, a

Diablo 3 Beta notation and idea

I found this out today. As you know I have been slightly disappointed with the game, in that PvP and the RMAH are missing.  Additionally, I have grown bored with the content, because it's the same over and over, never

Expected Downtime

On Friday October 28, 2011 between 11:30PM EST and 12:30AM EST we may experience a few down times of around 5 minutes each. This is due to server maintenance. We apologize in advance of any problems this may cause.   Thank you

Words with Friends (Scrabble) Cheat Site

I have been getting my arse handed to me, on a proverbial stick, when it comes to playing Zynga's Words with Friends. I have lost games by as much as 150 points... and I thought I knew more words then

Starcraft 2: Code S Finals – IM_MVP [T] vs. SlayerS_MMA [T] Matches 1-7

You can learn a lot, by watching the Pros play Starcraft 2. Watch this Code S Final set between IM_MVP [Terran] and SlayerS_MMA [Terran].  This includes matches 1 through 7. NOTE: Matches 6 and 7 were placed on the last page

EverQuest2: Free To Use, Auto-Crafting bot

This is a free to use, EQ2 Crafting bot, which is still somewhat in beta. It's free to use, but uses pixels to detect. This is good because it makes it highly undetectable. On the other hand, it also makes

Rift: Marksman Cheat – Jump forward while retreating

This exploit will grant you the ability of using retreat to jump forwards, instead of backwards. It will also save you many times in warfronts, world pvp when you need to escape, carry the sourcestone in WF faster, without needing

Aion: Easy Abyss Solo Elite Farming for Ranged Class

This is a great spot to level.  This is a nice way to lvl.  My SM was 42 killing these 50 elites. All magic acc manastones. 800-1.3mil exp depending on buffs and balaur drops.

Dragon Nest – Video: How to make lots of Gold

Battle Pirates: Resource Gathering Trick

In just 1 minute, you can have a resource gathering fleet, even if the fleet was recently completely and utterly wiped. It's a simple and surprisingly Effective trick.

WoW: Making Money Through Alchemy post Cataclysm

Alchemy was severely nerfed with Cataclysm, due to guild perks and cauldrons. Instead of making money through flasks, which have been replaced by cauldrons, we are going to share with you 7 different ways you can make gold with Alchemy.

Dragon Nest: Enhancement Crest List

Enhancement Crest Health (+ Vitality) Health Crest is to increase the Vitality. By increasing the vitality, it can help to improve your character's Max HP, Physical Defence and Stun Resist.  PS. The percentage is always counted first, and then it adds up

Diablo 3: Free Give-Away

In a nice turn of events, if you sign-up and commit to a 1-year WoW Subscription (other games must be hurting them bad?), then Blizzard will give away the following; Diablo 3 (for free) Flying mount for all current and