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SWTOR: Slicing Guide to Maximizing Profits + Spreadsheet

Slicing is one of the four Gathering Skills which involves accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics. Slicing is not a skill required for crafting. Slicing is the art of accessing secure computer systems

SWTOR: Refer-A-Friend now working, but…

If you aren't familiar with what Refer-A-Friend normally does in games, let me give you an idea. RAF will under normal circumstances give you free game time, some in-game items, possibly a mount, some xp bonus when you level with

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – Update 4

The next chapter in the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the makers of the 2006 and 2008 Games of the Year, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for

SWTOR: Remote Skill Leveling via iPhone/Android

This video guide was made for the iPhone/iPad however similar software is available for Android users (see below). Since EveryAir is gone, you can use CrazyRemote for the iPad/iPhone. Optionally, you can also use TeamViewer - there are both free

WoW: The Jewelcrafter’s Shuffle, Without Ore

The most common problem with doing the Jewelcrafter's Shuffle, in the normal sense, is that either there is no ore available, or worse, it's too expensive to do the shuffle because ore is so expensive. This Shuffle is simpler, because

SWTOR: Intro to Item Modifications

Introduction to the Item Modification System The purpose of this guide is to give you a quick explanation of how the item modification system currently works in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This information is subject to change. What is the item

SWTOR: Credits and other various Tips & Tricks

This thread is a place for various tips to players - either about credit making or about just game play in general. Feel free to chime in or ask for any clarification! If you have tips about a specific quest,

WoW: How to make 3000 Gold with 20 mins work

Screw doing dailies at whatever level to earn 3k gold each day. There is a much faster way to make the gold and all it takes is a low level character working on the Alliance side and a cross-faction AH

SWTOR: Low Level Credits Boost

This will boost your xp and you will be able to "harvest" some mobs on your starter planet. This could lead to easy credits as you will be ahead of the market, or ease your crafting skill.

WoW: Winter’s Veil Gold Tip

For those who are new to WoW, you might not yet realize that now is a great time to pick up some rare pets off the AH. During Winter Veil, you can buy up 4 limited time pets for around

SWTOR: Video Series – How to be a better raider

FubsyGamr has started a new YouTube series, where he runs through each flashpoint (aka instance), and talk about raiding, PUGs, and how to play your role in the game. Also talks about keybinds in the first video, which is a very

WoW: Alliance guide to Rare Outland Recipes 5k gold/hr

This is an extreme and L-O-N-G-g-g-g-g... guide to Rare Outland Recipes in order to flip them and make a profit. It's aimed at Alliance Scryers faction. Sorry Horde, this guide isn't for you, however using some common sense, you should

SWTOR: Investigation Researched Compounds

These researched compounds are used to craft Prototype and Artifact quality items for Armstech.

SWTOR: How to play AND win Pazaak guide

Pazaak, an ancient game dating back to Old Republic times, was a popular card game in which the goal was to reach 20 without going over, or at least come closer to it than the opponent. The player with the

SWTOR: Kill Players After Warzone Ends

This trick can be done by any class that uses cover such as the Smugglers or Imperial Agent. At the end of most warzones everyone freezes and is unable to move/use skills/etc. However if you are a smuggler, and know how to

How to Reduce Lag (lower your ping)

If you are lagging in WoW, Rift, SWTOR, or some other online game, you can reduce it dramatically if you haven't applied the registry fix yet and are suffering from a 200ms+ ping. For me it reduced my latency from

World of Tanks: Buy a Tank NOW!

If you haven't had enough money to buy a tank, and really were saving up for one, I want to give you the best Christmas treat available right now. Now through the 27th, has changed the costs of tanks

EVE Online: Locator Agent Tip – Don’t pay for the service

One thing I've picked up in the recent Poco Wars is a way to get intel on someone's whereabouts without paying. This will save you 25k isk, using a simple trick.

SWTOR: Invaluable Resource – Knowing your hotkeys

In any game, hotkeys are one of your most valuable resources you can have. I know you might have been thinking it would be a database, or maybe a leveling guide, but let me assure you that hotkeys is primary.