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SWTOR: Reloot in Hard Mode flashpoint

If you run through Karraga's Palace in Hard Mode, it's possible to re-loot after killing the 2nd bosses. Who ever does the extra looting will get more commendations.

Rift Minion: 1 Month Free x5 give-away

What is Rift Minion? Rift Minion is a bot made by PharmerPhale for Rift which automates both PvE mob farming as well as PvP battling in warfronts. An enterprising person would probably simply use the automating software for leveling via

SWTOR: How to trade cross faction

As you might have noticed, when you try to trade cross faction, that the name of the other person isn't listed. So this makes it difficult to tell which auctions are yours and which are someone else's. This is a

SWTOR: Complete Guide to Companion’s Affections

As players progress closer and closer to the endgame of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Companion Affection and the gifts that modify it will become more important. While it is a good idea to plan your affection path beforehand, many will

World of Warplanes: German Planes revealed

The video shows the first tier German plane will be the FW-56 followed by several others.  The BF-109G gives way to the FW-57 twin engine followed by the top tier Me 262HG III. These planes are likely just four of

Skyrim: STFU NPCs mod

You're walking through town for the 17th time, and the same NPCs say the same things over and over when you are near. Before when you said STFU, they didn't hear you, and kept on rattling away with their chatter.

Tool: Download Sandboxie Multilanguage Cracked

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. Benefits of the Isolated Sandbox Secure Web Browsing: Running your Web browser under the protection of Sandboxie means that all malicious

Skyrim: Going Online

I guess it was due to happen sooner or later, it seems it's going to be sooner then even Bethesda had thought. What? Well as it happens, someone is working on a mod for Skyrim which allows you and your

Battle Pirates: When overwhelmed, play possum

You've been attacked, your base is wiped out, it will take days to repair your fleets, days which you don't want to wait for, so you pay to repair faster, you pay to get your ships back in action, and

DDO: 6 year anniversary bringing changes, new class, new maps

Turbine's DDO is getting some huge updates in 2012 to rebuild the ailing MMO’s player base.  The game, based on the tabletop classic Dungeons & Dragons, will receive a new map area of Forgotten Realms and Underdark.  This setting will

SWTOR: Absolute lowest graphix settings possible

The changes will allow SWTOR to run really well on a lower end systems by disabling a lot of graphics options: Important: Before making these changes make sure your game settings are set to "Low" across the board and logout

World of Tanks: Light Tank – Not Just a Scout

I have seen so many battles now, and most light tanks think of themselves simply as cannon fodder, that is simply to be a tank scout. However light tanks can play other roles as well. While I cannot deny that

Blizzcon 2012 Cancelled?

Blizzard will be hosting the World Championships this year in Asia, launching Diablo 3, WoW: Mists Of Pandaria and the first StarCraft 2 expansion. But one thing that we do know, is that because of their full schedule there will be

SWTOR: Reset mob farming

Ever encounter an npc that drops loot every time, but you can only get it to drop 3 pieces and then it stops? This is the solution to that problem!

Dual and Multi boxing software – Keyclone Cracked

Keyclone is a p2p, unicasting keyboard emulator. It links applications together...enabling you to hit 'F1' within one application, and having that key simultaneously sent to each of the other applications keyclone is managing. it will also send those same keys to

LOTRO: New Expansion Announced, Riders of Rohan

Turbine announced the fourth expansion to Lord of the Rings Online, named Riders of Rohan.  The expansion which will be released in the fall of 2012 and will bring with it a level cap increase, new locations, mounted combat and much

Running Multiple Instances of SWTOR

SWTOR isn't like most games, and in fact its been designed not to allow multiple instances of the game to run on your computer. That however does not mean it's not possible. There are a few ways we can achieve

Skyrim: Get The Rueful Axe or Masque of Clavicus Vile

In Skyrim, the hero may want to get the Rueful Axe if he primarily uses a double handed weapon. The Rueful Axe may be the exotic two handed weapon of choice. This will guide the hero in finding the dog

SWTOR: 2 keys for the price of 1

This can be considered illegal, and as such we do NOT recommend this. However there are people out there who will want to know how to do this, and as such, we will post it.  Note: This can be used

WoW: Fully automated auction house undercutting + bonuses

Tools and scripts to mass-undercut the auction house permanently while being afk, allowing you to hit the gold cap automatically. This is not a quick and dirty method, you will need to do research, and set up your characters so