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SWTOR: Orange Bracers/Belts – Where, Why, How Much

Orange Bracers and Belts, are hot on the GTN right now. They are so hot on the GTN, that it makes for a really hot explosion potential to make credits, or to even use them for your own characters. This

WoW: 10 man normal – Madness of Deathwing strategy guide

This strategy for Madness of Deathwing assumes that you have an exceptional tank who is good at managing cooldowns, and 2 very strong healers. For this strategy, you will need a group composition of:

EVE Online: Invention guide

Invention is a Method to create a T2 BPC out of a T1 BPC. You need the following things in order to invent a BPC: a T1 BPC 2 types of data cores an interface Optional: a decryptor Optional: an

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Investigation Leveling Guide

You will have the ability to gather Researched Compounds used in the Armstech Crew Skill for making weapons, with the Investigation Crew Skill. This Crew Skill can also sometimes produce Schematics (recipes) for other Crew Skills which can be traded

Rift: Best Time to Farm Glass Beads

You already know my trick for beating level 50s out of Glass Beads and stealing my chance to get them. Well in conjunction with this trick, I have a favorite time to farm them. If you farm them at this

RODE: Best Mount Ever!

Sometimes, the uniqueness of a mount, sells a pre-order, or even an upgrade - especially when less people will have the mount. For me, the uniqueness of having a rare mount, will prevent me from changing to something anyone else

WoW: Make Gold Loaning out Gold to Others

This guide is about running a "bank" in WoW that will loan people gold. This is mostly something fun to do for us with a ton of gold, but it can also lead to major profits!

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Biochem Leveling Guide

This crew skill creates consumables that give stat bonuses or restores health, as well as Implants for your character. These will be particularly important for Flashpoints and Raids. You can create: Stims (moderate primary stat bonuses for 60/120 minute buffs)

Drakensang: How to take on higher level mobs tip

Taking on higher level mobs then you isn't that difficult, if you keep a few things in mind. The first and foremost is to stay out of their reach. For rangers and spellweavers, this is easier then the melee dps

Dragon Nest: How to Play a Sorceress guide

The Sorceress is an interesting class. They have virtually no armor and their HP is relatively low in comparison to other classes. They're squishy, like Archers are. On the other hand, they're very powerful with their magical attacks. They don't

WoW: Gold tip – Gnomish Universal Remote

This guide is simple and it involves the Gnomish Universal Remote, and how to make gold with it. You do not need to know engineering, however it will help.  This is very simple and requires nothing from you, except an

Rift: Fooling level 50s!

ACK! Just when I get to a Dragon Pinata, a level 50 wipes it out. They don't need to fight the mobs I need to, to get the Glass Beads. They have faster mounts and don't aggro the mobs... but

News: Last Internet censorship bill was shot down. Whats Next?

As it turns out, the last bill put before the United States government which would allow them to basically shut down sites for "supposed" copyright infringement - including this one, was shelved. However the fight doesn't stop there. There is

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Artifice Leveling Guide

The Artifice Crew Skill can be used to create a variety of different items, including: Lightsaber Upgrades (Hilts) for all Force Users Color Crystals used by ALL weapons that provide bonuses to Endurance and/or Critical Rating (which also changes the

Tera Online: UnCensor Elin Model

This is a skin swap for the Tera online Elin model. I couldn't find a before picture, but below is the after picture of what the character model will look like. As you can see it shows a bit more

Rift: Event Starts, Allows purchase of previous events items

There is a new event in Rift, which just started. For those of you who never got in the game, when everything started, you might not have been able to purchase any of the items from the first few events.

Allods: How to level AFK

If you play Allods, then you might already have heard about the way to play AFK. That is to level without the use of bots and game hacks. It's using the system, so while it might be construed as a

GuildWars 2: Beta Signups Announced

To me, Guild Wars 2 is looking like a made for Console MMO. Yes, they have the level limit up around 60, which will mean more content overall. Yes, there is no monthly fee. However when you actually look at

WoW: BEM Arena Cheat

This is a simple cheat which will allow you to spawn on the outside of the Arena doors, allowing you to setup for the enemy much quicker then the opponent.

SWTOR: Star Wars The Old Republic Coming to Asia-Pacific March 1

On March 1st, says BioWare, players in the Asia-Pacific region will have their own servers and SWTOR will launch for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore-based players. Pricing for boxed and digital versions is also announced and players currently

Minecraft: Multi-player mods

Many people have produced mods for Minecraft. There are mods for the single player game and mods for the multiplayer game, this article will discuss some multiplayer mods. The server plugin architecture I have used is Bukkit but there are