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Rift: PvP – Warfront Bonuses

While playing in Rift again, I have come up with some bonuses which can be had for the enterprising person. Sometimes these can be gained in the form of achievements, and other times in the form of more exp, or

Diablo 3 Delayed till 2nd quarter of 2012

During an Activision-Blizzard investor’s call, it was announced that Diablo III will be delayed to the second quarter of this year. Expect the release to be late April, Early May instead, With the departure of Senior Producer Steve Parker on

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Diplomacy Leveling Guide

The Diplomacy Crew Skill will allow you to gather Light Side or Dark Side points along with medical supplies used in Biochem. This guide will help you to maximize the speed at which you raise your skills. The missions you

SWTOR: False Emperor Hard Mode Flashpoint Instance Guide

Once you hit 50, starting your dailies, hitting up the GTN for some cheap gear, getting around to that Alderaan Bonus Series, you might be wondering: what’s next? Sure, gear is great…but where do you put all those shiny Artifacts

EQ1: EverQuest 1, will be going Free-to-Play (F2P) early March

It has been announced that EverQuest will be going Free-to-Play in early March. However there are some limitations to the new free version. The main limitation is that they will be limited on the amount of platinum, level, and AAs.

SWTOR: Fly & Crew Crafting Bot

You will need both Macrogoblin AND Autohotkey installed for this to work correctly. I tried a few of the bots available, but what I wanted was something a little more robust. So I made this Fly and Craft bot. With this

WoW: Transmorgrification – All Star – Mario (from Super Mario Brothers)

Mario is a warlock who loves challenging Dragon Soul. So Impressive is this Transmorgrification, we just had to share it with you. The player even named the character Mario.  Click to get a clearer view! Anonymized Profile. If you

Tera Online: Censorship for North American/European Players!

What the hell? If you are new to understanding culture, then you might be surprised to hear that the USA is one of the most prude countries in the world. It's also one of the most religious. What this boils

Tera Online: UnCensor Catanic Models

This is an skin swap for the Catanic Female Models. This swaps the Korean model of the female models for the American and European models. See the image below for more info. Here's the Korean and USA/EU Versions side by

SWTOR: Datacron List – Absolute Coords

If you are using a teleport hack, then this list will help you navigate directly to the datacron of your choice. All coordinates are listed in X,Y,Z format.

SWTOR: False Emperor stealth chest run on hardmode + video

This takes around 4 minutes per run for 2 chests, providing very fast Credits and loot to sell to the AH or vendor or even gear up your pets.

Rift Sets Guiness Record!

Trion Worlds announced today that its acclaimed MMO Rift, has set the world record for the most in-game marriages in a 24-hour period. Officially recorded for the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition, 21,879 marriages were confirmed between 9am PST, Feb.

SWTOR: Armormech Leveling Guide

The Armormech crew skill, creates Armor used by Troopers, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, and Imperial Agents. You will be working with hard metals, alloys and synthetic materials to construct Medium and Heavy Armor with stats suited to non-Force users (Aim, Cunning,

LAW – Living After War: Heads to Closed Beta

Living After War opens its gates for the closed beta phase. All those who obtained a key in advance can download the game client of the action-packed free-to-play game without charge from the official site. Chaos rules in L.A.W –

Rift: How to level up afk, without the use of bots

I decided to play Rift again, and while I was leveling I noticed that I could effectively level up, without fighting, just standing around gaining exp. This does take into account an old "cheat" which effectively keeps you afk, but

SWTOR: Intro Guide to World Bosses

This is a simple video guide which will help you to understand what World bosses are, and where to find some of them, for SWTOR fans. credit goes to strife for this video

Rift: Unverified Screen Lockup Trick

I am not 100% sure how I have managed to do this, so I am simply going to explain what happened, and maybe someone can figure this out or base a cheat off it... I have managed to lock up

Dragon Nest: How to get Comet Dust

Comet dusts, currently sell for around 40g/100 and are obtained via extraction or disassembling. Basically, you disassemble an upgraded equipment through the disassembler located outside any town. Once you click disassemble, comet dusts will come out of the disassembler in

SWTOR: Intro to Galaxy Combat

This is a simple Galaxy Combat guide for beginners. This is not a walk through of each mission, just describes what you need to do, in order to start doing Space Combat.

Tools: Password Recovery Suite

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