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Warning – Don’t Be Fooled!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day (at least in the USA), and some websites and (not-so friendly) friends might try to pull something over on you. Google (example 1 & example 2) and Blizzard are notorious for pulling pranks on patrons.

WoW: Vendor Transmorgrify Items – Sell for 2k to 5k gold

After making 5,000g off of a vendor item that cost me 28g I feel like I have to share it.  Maybe some of you are already doing this, if not, TRY IT! I can't guarantee that you will have the

Diablo 3: First Bot Video?

It's too early to say whether or not this is a real bot or not. But if it is, it's an impressive piece of work. However with Warden, we can probably expect it to be active on Day 1, so

Diablo 3: Followers Overview (aka D2 Mercenaries)

  In Diablo 2 there were mercenaries and now in Diablo 3 we have followers. Followers are only available in solo play. They should be an assistance for solo play. They have a great impact for solo farming runs, because;

Diablo 3: Defiled Crypts Loot Bug

Since anyone who's knowledgeable has already figured out that the "best" loot drops off the mini bosses, rare spawns and not the Skull King, this is how I've been endlessly farming rare spawns in the Defiled Crypts.

World of Darkness Vampire Werewolf MMO still being developed

It's been a long road, and it seems it will still be a longer one. CCP released a video showing a sandbox of the new MMO World of Darkness at their Fanfest a few days ago. Interestingly, World of Darkness

Scramble with Friends: Cheats and Strategies

I do not claim to be a master of any sort when it comes to word games, however I enjoy them immensely. How I was surprised to learn a couple cheats for the game. But before I get into those,

WoW: Making gold off of Scroll of Resurrection players

So Scroll of Resurrection has been reintroduced and people are given free level 80s and Cataclysm, and gold makers are trying to figure out the best way to maximize profit.  Simple.  These characters are going to get to 85 really

Guild Wars 2: Microtransactions and RMT player transactions

ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien has announced that Guild Wars 2 will feature a microtransactions system that allows players to purchase cosmetic and “time-saving” items with real money. “You get a complete and playable game no matter what”, O’Brien stresses in

Android Phone Tool: GameCIH – Game Cheat app for Android

Ok, it's not Cheat Engine, it's another game hacking software, but the premise is the same, which is what makes this a nice tool for Android phones. The actual name of this product is called GameCIH, but it works in

Forsaken World: Elite mob locations

Each elite mob in Forsaken World, drops one shard. So we're providing you with some maps on where you can farm these mobs. You can click the images to enlarge them.

Elder Scrolls: How to mod Skyrim part 1

Skyrim isn't broken, but it is a bit in need of repairs. There’s never been an open-world that didn’t crumble at the edges of a simulation. Patches will help, and Bethesda has done a lot of good work to keep

Forsaken World: DOLDUD FWbot

 DOLDUD FWbot v0.0.3 Features; Auto Restore HP/MP via Food & Drink. Auto Skill: can use 3 attack skill and 2 buff skill3 Auto TAB Auto FOR TAMERS: Soul catching when targeting a soul mob instead of killing it. Aut0 Pick

SWTOR: How to get a free name change

This is actually a fairly common want in many games, to change the name of your character. Some games are free to do this and some will charge you upwards of $35 for the honor of them running a simple

SWTOR: Why you should Maximize Companion Affection

One of the easiest and most efficient investments you can make in SWTOR is maxing out the affection rating of each of your companions. The reason you want to do this is that the higher your companion affection, the faster

Diablo 3: 18k Gold an Hour farming guide

Probably, many of you may already now how to do it. In fact, there are no secrets to it. The hard part is getting your gold finding gear. Once you have your gear, then you will be able to maximize

WoW: Tîntai – Tool to work with WMOs in World of Warcraft

Tîntai is a smal core, lib or  tool-set to edit and manipulate WMO files used in World of Warcraft. Tîntai is a merge of two earlier WoW related projects and is more or less just some code that trys to

Minecraft: World of Warcraft – Stormwind style

The time that people put into some of these "worlds" is amazing. The fact that someone is recreating Stormwind, from within Minecraft is even more impressive. Check out the video to see the progression...

Diablo 3: What is Magic Find, how does it affect farming

This is a video guide which will explain the Magic Find stat, how it affects finding magical items, and also where to find the best items in Diablo 3, while the Magic Find stat is active on your character.

SWTOR: Making Credits in patch 1.2

According to a developer blog post, there will be some changes coming in patch 1.2, mainly to crew skills. Supposedly the developers want to bring crafting to end game, which means they will be changing, enhancing, or even adding recipes

Diablo 3: Multiboxing to maximize profits

We all know that farming will be very important in Diablo 3 in order to find super rare items, mats for crafting, and tons of gold. That said, how’s the best way to farm? Many players have been arguing that