Daily Archives: 5 March 2012

SWTOR: Double Opening Attack for Ops/Scoundrel

This is a way for Ops and Scoundrels to make 2 opening attacks on an enemy. I do consider this an exploit, but it might be so minor of one where Bioware won't fix it for a while.

Site News: Possible Downtime

Due to a billing error caused by the intake at the hosting company, there may be a downtime in the next day. All information have been backed up, and a move can be initiated if the host goes down. While

Rift: Make 250 Platinum an hour during the Carnival – Nerfed

This isn't much of a trick, but it can make you upto 250 platinum an hour. However this is based on a busy-ish server where the Auction House is somewhat active. If you are on a less populated server then