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Diablo 3: How to farm Gold and Items

This is a method which will allow you to level to farm about 10k gold and items per dungeon run on the  quest named 'Reign of the Black King'. It will require a few runs to maximize your potential, however following

March Madness @ MMOGoldSales.com

Hey folks as part of a promo we are doing for MMOGoldSales.com, I wanted to hand off a couple coupons. The coupon I am giving away for everyone is a 7% off coupon. You can use it on any product

SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Armstech Leveling Guide

The Armstech Crew Skill is primarily used to create weapons used by Troopers / Bounty Hunters and Smugglers / Imperial Agent classes. You can create blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles, assault cannons, shotguns and blaster barrels. Remember to always Reverse-Engineer the