Daily Archives: 10 March 2012

Rift: The new way to farm tickets F-A-S-T

In ye olden days... erm make that about 1-2 weeks ago, the fastest way to farm tickets was to pop balloons in a raid. Basically you would earn 1 ticket every 30 seconds. And today, if you try to do

Rift Minion Hits v2.0 Landmark Release

Botters beware, RiftMinion is taking center stage with their newest release. It seems that RiftMinion is doing something which the other guys hadn't thought of. They are making it so that you only need to set your bot up and

Tera Online: UnCensor Female Human Model

This is a skin swap for the Tera Online Human model. This was originally intended to uncensor the Human Female Model, however with my archives missing, and the old links being taken down, this is now a more recent update