Daily Archives: 14 March 2012

SWTOR: Savior Leveling Guide Review

I had originally hoped to tell you what a great experience I had with SWTOR Savior, and how their leveling guide was amazing. However after waiting for my access to the forums and checking out their actual guide, I came

Diablo 3: Double attack exploit

Imagine instead of getting 5 attacks on a mob, getting 10 attacks in the same amount of time. Now imagine if this happened in PVP. You suddenly become an epic player who advances the ladders quicker then your enemies. That's

Diablo 3: No PvP/PK on Release

It's been announced that there will not be any PvP content on the release day in part because of the amount of bugs which still need to be fixed. Which makes us wonder why they are contemplating a release, when

Diablo 3: Leaked Video of areas past Cemetery

Someone was able to glitch past the gates in the Cemetary, and has leaked first the waypoints and now this video of the area past the level limitations. As you can see from the video, the next area is mostly