Daily Archives: 17 March 2012

Diablo 3: Best Craftable Items to Sell for Barbarians

So what are the best craftable items you might wonder? We use speculation and experiences learned during D3 beta event to single out which items will sell for the most. One thing I want to mention, is that due to flooding,

EverQuest 1: News – EQ1 Now Free-2-Play

Well, it's official, EQ1 has gone free to play. Who would have thought that in 1994 this thriving cutting edge game would go free-2-play? Certainly not me! However here we are and EQ1 is beginning to thrive again. The only

Product: Rift Minion 2.1 coming soon – FULL Anti-detection

Rift Minion is being updated to v2.1. With this change, there will be roaming, not just following straight lines. This means that your character will no longer follow the same exact path over and over. It will also include an