Daily Archives: 19 March 2012

SWTOR: Crew Skills bot includes Bank ability and Diplomacy

What is this bot? This bot simply levels your crew skills for you. It can send upto 5 of your companions out at a time, and will level each and every skill up all the way to 400, including diplomacy

Diablo 3: An interview with Markco of Diablo 3 Gold Secrets

With Diablo 3 fast approaching, we decided to check out some guides, and which ones will likely bring our readers the most success. So we started out by asking the guide authors to give us access. Being from a "cheat

Tera Online: Uncensor Female High Elf Models

This is a skin swap for the Tera Online Female High Elf model. Below is the after picture of what the character model will look like. As you can see it shows a bit more skin then the normal American/European