Daily Archives: 25 March 2012

WoW: Tîntai – Tool to work with WMOs in World of Warcraft

Tîntai is a smal core, lib or  tool-set to edit and manipulate WMO files used in World of Warcraft. Tîntai is a merge of two earlier WoW related projects and is more or less just some code that trys to

Minecraft: World of Warcraft – Stormwind style

The time that people put into some of these "worlds" is amazing. The fact that someone is recreating Stormwind, from within Minecraft is even more impressive. Check out the video to see the progression...

Diablo 3: What is Magic Find, how does it affect farming

This is a video guide which will explain the Magic Find stat, how it affects finding magical items, and also where to find the best items in Diablo 3, while the Magic Find stat is active on your character.