Daily Archives: 29 March 2012

WoW: Making gold off of Scroll of Resurrection players

So Scroll of Resurrection has been reintroduced and people are given free level 80s and Cataclysm, and gold makers are trying to figure out the best way to maximize profit.  Simple.  These characters are going to get to 85 really

Guild Wars 2: Microtransactions and RMT player transactions

ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien has announced that Guild Wars 2 will feature a microtransactions system that allows players to purchase cosmetic and “time-saving” items with real money. “You get a complete and playable game no matter what”, O’Brien stresses in

Android Phone Tool: GameCIH – Game Cheat app for Android

Ok, it's not Cheat Engine, it's another game hacking software, but the premise is the same, which is what makes this a nice tool for Android phones. The actual name of this product is called GameCIH, but it works in