Daily Archives: 31 March 2012

Warning – Don’t Be Fooled!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day (at least in the USA), and some websites and (not-so friendly) friends might try to pull something over on you. Google (example 1 & example 2) and Blizzard are notorious for pulling pranks on patrons.

WoW: Vendor Transmorgrify Items – Sell for 2k to 5k gold

After making 5,000g off of a vendor item that cost me 28g I feel like I have to share it.  Maybe some of you are already doing this, if not, TRY IT! I can't guarantee that you will have the

Diablo 3: First Bot Video?

It's too early to say whether or not this is a real bot or not. But if it is, it's an impressive piece of work. However with Warden, we can probably expect it to be active on Day 1, so

Diablo 3: Followers Overview (aka D2 Mercenaries)

  In Diablo 2 there were mercenaries and now in Diablo 3 we have followers. Followers are only available in solo play. They should be an assistance for solo play. They have a great impact for solo farming runs, because;