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Diablo 3: Things to know about Gems and socketing in items

Today we’ll take a look at Diablo 3 gem system. Gems are special item that can be socketed into your weapons and armor, providing bonus for your character. According to the Diablo 3 Official site, there are currently 4 types of

Rift News: Patch 1.8 Fishing, new 20-man raid Infernal Dawn

Trion announced Patch 1.8 will have a new 20 man raid title Infernal Dawn, where you can battle Maelforge and Laethys. Also will add 2 skills Fishing & Survival. I am thinking that maybe survival will be cooking, but it

SWTOR: Weekend Pass, play for free this weekend!

Did you miss out on last weekend’s free trial of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Well never fear, Bioware is offering another Weekend Pass starting Thursday, March 22nd at 12:01 am CST through Monday the 28th of March at 2:00

SWTOR 3: Beginners guide to Modding Gear

This isn't the end-all guide, but rather a beginners guide which will teach you what you need to know about modding items and gear including which items can be modded and how to apply the mods. You should check out

SWTOR: Reverse Engineering Guide

Along the path of providing you guys with guides for all the professions, we decided to include this Reverse Engineering guide. Reverse Engineering can be about getting the parts from items, but it can also be used with crafting to

Tera Online: Exploration via Wall Climbing exploit

Note: This is a beta exploit which has been made public, and will likely not make it to the release version of Tera Online. However while this is in beta, if you have a beta account, you can use it

Tera Online: Crafting System Overview

written by Dulfy TERA’s crafting system is fairly complex and can be confusing to players. With the time I had in Closed Beta, I thought I would give a try to the crafting. This guide will cover the overall crafting,

Diablo 3: Mooege Emulator for Patch 14

Note, this software is updated to patch 14, and uses the official MPQ files to explore the content. What is Mooege Emulator? This software will allow you to play Diablo 3 game with limited functionality, without a beta account or

Diablo 3: Buy Low, Sell High Myth debunked

Today I have a special treat for you, an article written by none other than an auction house master: Markco of DiabloGoldSecrets Buy low sell high is a myth. It's an overhyped, misconstrued, and overall misleading concept that has been

Perfect World: Ultimate Wizard Build & Equipment guide

Wizards are truly an under appreciated class, and often misused. A Wizard is a Ranged Magic Damage dealer, maybe the best damage dealer in the game. It is debatable though, some may feel their Archer is or others may prefer

SWTOR: Crew Skills bot includes Bank ability and Diplomacy

What is this bot? This bot simply levels your crew skills for you. It can send upto 5 of your companions out at a time, and will level each and every skill up all the way to 400, including diplomacy

Diablo 3: An interview with Markco of Diablo 3 Gold Secrets

With Diablo 3 fast approaching, we decided to check out some guides, and which ones will likely bring our readers the most success. So we started out by asking the guide authors to give us access. Being from a "cheat

Tera Online: Uncensor Female High Elf Models

This is a skin swap for the Tera Online Female High Elf model. Below is the after picture of what the character model will look like. As you can see it shows a bit more skin then the normal American/European

SWTOR: Alternative to using a bot to level in Space Combat

Mouse Recorder 2 Pro is a mouse and keyboard recording software which will allow you to record and replay the same scripts over and over. Much like the way MacroGoblin works, this will record each and every thing you do,

Dear Blizzard, the Activision merger ruined your games…

Rather then go into the finer details on how exactly the merger ruined you, I am going to let my buddy here tell it to you straight...

SWTOR: Cap the doors, before the Voidstar game starts

This requires two people. One person has to be a level 50 juggernaut/guardian. You have to start on attacking side first, to use this exploit. First you want one person to jump on the left or right pillar, and the

Diablo 3: Best Craftable Items to Sell for Barbarians

So what are the best craftable items you might wonder? We use speculation and experiences learned during D3 beta event to single out which items will sell for the most. One thing I want to mention, is that due to flooding,

EverQuest 1: News – EQ1 Now Free-2-Play

Well, it's official, EQ1 has gone free to play. Who would have thought that in 1994 this thriving cutting edge game would go free-2-play? Certainly not me! However here we are and EQ1 is beginning to thrive again. The only

Product: Rift Minion 2.1 coming soon – FULL Anti-detection

Rift Minion is being updated to v2.1. With this change, there will be roaming, not just following straight lines. This means that your character will no longer follow the same exact path over and over. It will also include an

Runescape: No Armor, No Weapon Dueling for gold guide

What is Staking with no weapons and armor? It's simply fighting, or rather dueling with no actual items to boost your attack power or ability to take hits. Often it's also without the use of healing potions, so mano-a-mano, 2

Diablo 3: Official Release Date Announced

Well now you have it, the new official release date has been announced. This is the game that Blizzard expect to make 10x what they make in WoW, monthly. When is it? May 15, 2012 Need to buy your copy?