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Starcraft 2: EGiNcontroL [P] vs. Shokz [P] – with Commentary

This is going to be my last video which I post from Shokz SC2 guide for a while I am not really sure if there is much interest in this stuff or not. However I wanted to point out that

Tera: Velik Leveling Guide part 3 (21-26)

Continuing on with our release of Velik's leveling guide, this is part 3, which is 21-26 of the guide. It's available to all VIP members however if you are interested in purchasing this guide in full, we instead recommend Eleos' Tera

Diablo 3: How to get to the Hidden Developer instance

This guide will teach you how to get to the instance called "Developer Hell" . Inside Developer Hell, there are a couple mobs including Jay Wilson and John Huereman. There is an achievment too: "Smash! Jay, smash!" from killing the mob called "Jay

Tera: Labyrinth of Terror – Take no damage during last boss fight

In the Labrinth of Terror dungeon, there is an exploit which will allow you to avoid all incoming damage on the last boss, Nightmare Killian. It's the phase when he has a monkey rains fire down a path killing anyone in

Diablo 3: Kill any mob, with ranged, take no damage

I was really surprised to see this exploit. It's an awesome one, which probably won't even be detected, it's that awesome, lol. This will allow you to take on any mob or group of mobs which do not have ranged

Diablo 3: Map Hacks and Bots

I know, I know, I know. You were hoping I was going to link to maphacks and bots, right? Well there is actually a reason I haven't. They're unsafe. They might be safe today, and they might be safe tomorrow,

Tera: Fast Valsekyr Hunt Rep

Everyone knows you can farm Valsekyr Hunt rep by just killing mobs out here, and even bams. By far the quickest way I have found is killing

Tera: Velik’s Complete Leveling guide – part 2

Following along the release of Velik's 1-10 guide yesterday, this is the 10-20 guide written by Velik's Tera Mastery Guide. We are releasing their complete leveling guide as it stands today.  Due to a DMCA complaint, this file has been

Tera: Change your Chat Color

This is a simple trick which will allow you to change your chat color in game, on any channel. All you need to do is type one letter, then simply link an item and then backspace to clear out the

Diablo 3: How to unlock the Secret Pony Level

In this guide we will show you how to get to the Secret Pony level.  We'll show you exactly what you need to get and where to get them in order to make the staff to open up the Secret

Tera: Velik’s Complete Leveling Guide part 1

I have decided to share with you, Velik's complete leveling guide for Tera Online. This is one of those projects which seems to have been abandoned, after the author made a little bit of money on it. Since there are

Starcraft 2: It’s all about the Queen

This is a sample video of one of the guides available to Shokz video tutorial service. It's a guide which will teach you to use your queen more effectively in battle, and teach you some additional tactic's to use against

Diablo 3: Glitch to Act 4 Final boss in Inferno Mode

This trick will teach you how to glitch to the end of various modes. For example go from Act 1 Inferno directly to Act 4 final boss, without having to go through act's 2 and 3 Inferno.

Diablo 3: Armor, Resistances, and Effective Health

Your damage reduction is based on your armor and resistances, and how those stats are based on Intelligence and Strength. I'm hoping for people to have a thorough understanding of damage reduction based on those stats, and how to make

Diablo 3: RMAH pushed back again, release date unknown

And in other news, the RMAH has been pushed back again. The newest release date is now unknown. However with more and more bots coming soon, we can expect Diablo 3 gold to hit about $4/M before it's done going

WoW: Companion Pet Guide – Sea Pony Pet, DarkMoon Faire Isle

This guide will teach you how to get the Sea Pony Pet on any level character, via the Darkmoon Faire. Please note this is only available once a month for a week, so only available for a short time. You must

Diablo 3: Azmodan Glitch Rushing Leveling trick

This is the Azmodan Glitch Rushing trick which will allow you to level VERY very quickly in a group. You do not need a high level to help you. But you will need 4 people including yourself. From 45-51 is

WoW: Dark, Emerald, Crimson, Azure Whelping Farmers Guide

This is a guide on how to get all the world rare drop Whelpling. This includes the Dark, the Emerald, The Crimson and the Azure whelping companion pets.

Tera: Advanced Lancer PvE Video Guide

The lancer is a complex class to play in part because it's a tank, with the possibility of being DPS, but also because you have 2 completely different play styles for both PvP and PvE. Let this be a guide

Diablo 3: Selling Essences Tip

When trading in essences always remember the Vendor Price / 0.85: