Daily Archives: 1 May 2012

News: Diablo 3 on mmoexploiters banners

Since there is a new game about to be released, and because we know it's going to be a hot one, we have made some new banners in anticipation of you wanting to advertise the site. Our affiliate program offers

Diablo 3: Hardmode – should you play on one?

Before you jump into Hardmode, make sure you understand some basics. In Hardmode, when you die... you die. You don't get to pray or rez at a stone/graveyard, the character becomes completely inaccessible. So should you jump into hardmode? Well

Tera Online: Taking down Arakia video

Since I know that game play videos help to decide if you're going to play, here's an awesome one taking on the wildling boss Arakia. This is one tough spider! I am most impressed when the mob actually shows weakness

Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Warfare pdf download

Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Warfare, released April 3rd 2012, is the latest in the ongoing series of Del Rey Essential Guides. Written by profiled Star Wars author Jason Fry, it is a magnificent guide, with awesomeness rivaling that of Essential Atlas or Essential Guide