Daily Archives: 3 May 2012

Elder Scrolls Online Announced – release 2013

Long rumored and much anticipated, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally being unveiled in the June issue of Game Informer. In this month's cover story we journey across the entire land of Tamriel, from Elsweyr to Skyrim and everywhere in

Tera: Endless Loot of Herbs, Ore, and Essence nodes

This is a trick which will allow you to neigh endlessly farm the same node every 5-10 seconds. This can be either a mineral or a herb node, and either works great.

About The Secret World + Pre-Launch game

TSW stands for The Secret World. It is a new MMO developed by Funcom (creators of Age of Conan, Dreamfall, etc), and it has been in development for roughly 5 years. It is scheduled to be released in early June

SWTOR: Republic (only) Social Points Cheat

Restrictions: You must be a Republic character The character you hope to grind the social, cannot have done "Tempting Fate" ever. Any other group members must have the same conditions as your character (never done it, etc.) I was able