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Tera: Bug out the last boss in Sinestral Manor (level 26+ dungeon)

When pulling the last boss in Sinestral Manor, Malgarios has a phase where he screams for adds to pop (Some groups wipe in this phase, because a lot of healing is required). You can bug him out allowing you to get about

Mothers Day is May 13th – Special Offer for next 3 days!

So 2 days before Diablo 3 is set to release, and 1.5 weeks after the release of Tera, and all you can think about is games games games. Well don't get so wrapped up in your gaming experience you forget

Diablo 3: Podcast – The first few days after release

This is part of an ongoing series by Markco of Diablo 3 Gold Secrets. This is actually episode 14, and covers what to do in the first few days of release as well as the weekend. This will be the