Tera: Slayer Video + PDF class guides

This is a couple guides which will teach you how to best play your new Slayer character. The first is a video guide which will show you actual situations on how to use your skills. The other is courtesy of Velik's Tera Mastery guide. If you like the guide and want access to the entire guide, then please purchase it. Continue reading "Tera: Slayer Video + PDF class guides"

WoW: Explore the Deeprun Tram aquarium area

This is a simple way to get into the Deeprun Tram area between Ironforge and Stormwind. You will be able to go beyond the "glass" and explore or kill the npc's inside, or even loot the chest! However it might require some coorperation from the other faction. Continue reading "WoW: Explore the Deeprun Tram aquarium area"