How to Capture Desktop Videos – for free

Some people swear by Fraps. Fraps isn't free unless you want an annoying tag on your videos however. Once in a while (usually every couple weeks) gives away for that day only, a recording software. Thats a great option, but what if you want something now? Continue reading "How to Capture Desktop Videos – for free"

Tera: Mystics Video and PDF guides

Mystics are classified as support healers. Their job is to heal the group and provide damaging support, buff support, and many other functions. The Mystic brings a lot of tools to the healing and support table that aren’t found on the Priest, the only other healer in Tera. Due to these extra abilities and support role, the Mystic has a very important job in groups in Tera. Continue reading "Tera: Mystics Video and PDF guides"