WoW-MoP: Giant Yeti Ganking

There is a quest in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, which will allow you to ride on the back of a giant Yeti, and gank other players. What makes this truly fun, is that not even warlocks with their drain health spell, can withstand more then a couple hits from this 20k+ damaging attack. Continue reading "WoW-MoP: Giant Yeti Ganking"

Tera: Hits #1 Download Spot on Amazon

Whenever a game launches, there’s always a question of whether it will sink or swim. MMOs don’t necessarily live or die on the basis of their launches, but it takes a lot more effort to recover from a bad launch. Tera Online seems to have gotten off on the right foot, as it hit the #1 download spot for Amazon during its launch week, and all projections point to it hitting the top spot next week as well. Continue reading "Tera: Hits #1 Download Spot on Amazon"

Tera: Making your character unique through crystals

In Tera, there aren't skill or talent trees like most games these days, so to customize your character, we do it in one of 2 ways. The first is Glyphs (which we will cover later), the second is crystals. Crystals, are also called Rhombs. These can be purchased from a vendor or dropped by a Boss Mob (BAM) in a dungeon. These crystals, when applied to your weapons and armor will allow you to customize your character to your liking. Continue reading "Tera: Making your character unique through crystals"