Tera: Warrior Video and PDF Guide download

In any game, the Warrior is oft either a DPS or a Tank. In Tera as with many other games, the Warrior could easily be the best tank class around, however this is debatable when compared to other classes like the Slayer and the Berserker.  In the hands of a skilled player they can be the best Tank in the game as their active avoidance means they take very little to no damage which allows the healer to focus on other things. However, tanking as a Warrior is very difficult, and is not recommended for new players. If you enjoy a challenge Warrior tanking will be very rewarding. Continue reading "Tera: Warrior Video and PDF Guide download"

Game Booster Adds Video Recording in Beta version

If you have had any types of problems with any game, be it lag or even connection errors, then it's probably a good idea to try Game Booster from IObit. Normally, I wouldn't tell you all about a new update to a tool like this, because it's something you should already be using. However their most recent release in beta, also now offers video recording for 3D games, which is a nice feature since it doesn't cost any money. It will record sound from your voice or optionally leave it off, for input later. Continue reading "Game Booster Adds Video Recording in Beta version"

Diablo 3: DPS Explained

Not everyone understands how to calculate Damage per Second on a weapon (aka DPS). DPS is fundamental to know, because when you know the DPS of any given weapon, you can tell which item is going to do better for you overall. In Diablo 3, the more DPS a weapon has, the higher the value of the item will be. However calculating DPS, can sometimes be a bit difficult and thats why we are providing you with this guide. Continue reading "Diablo 3: DPS Explained"