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Diablo 3: Witchdoctor Leveling Skills to level 9

This is more of an informal build at this point. By that I mean that I have started playing with the different skills a bit, and can see what they can do in-game. It's on this note, that I want

Diablo 3: Server Hiccups on Launch Day – Error 75

Server Hiccups aka Server Maintenance has plagued Diablo 3 on launch day.  A few friends have mentioned that they have been unable to get into the game or worse disconnected during play. This probably has something to do with the servers

Tera Online: Lancer Video and PDF Guide download

Finishing up our class guides, we are covering the Lancer last. This is actually the class I chose to play, party because I like to always play more challenging classes like the Tank, Support, or Healer, and partly because I

Diablo 3: OMG LOOTz!

Before you go collecting all that amazing loot, I want you to remember one thing. As you are leveling up, you only have a small amount of back pack space. Now, if you are planning on making a lot of

Diablo 3: It’s HERE

If you hit one of the release parties last night, then you are already in the game. If not, you might be waiting for your favorite software store to open, or even better yet a delivery from Amazon. Myself, I