Daily Archives: 17 May 2012

SWTOR: How to kill any mob, in any flashpoint, solo

In SWTOR, there is a game hack, which is fairly simple to do which will allow you to kill any melee mob. If it can do a ranged attack, then you won't be able to kill it easily. We highly

StarCraft 2: Interactive Guide ZvT – Safe Macro Play

You might be surprised to find out, that 1.5 years after the release of StarCraft 2, that there is a guide which is still being updated and still relevant with the game's mechanics. That's Shokz SC2 guide. As part of

Diablo 3: Need Gold? Leveling?

Hey folks, Diablo 3 is HOT! And we're covering it over at MMOGoldSales.com! We are now offering powerleveling and gold for Diablo 3, on all servers. With the RMAH down, if you need gold now, you can order it from

Diablo 3: Avoid the queues and disconnects trick

This is actually a multi-level trick. I wouldn't classify this as a cheat nor exploit, since it uses the game mechanics as they were meant to be done. However there is a way which you can actually avoid the queues