Daily Archives: 20 May 2012

Rift: New Seals and How to obtain them

This is just a guide on what the new seals are and how to obtain them. All the seals can be combined Epic Augments (Check list below) to increase their base stats, so don't forget to add these when crafting your

WoW: Mists of Pandaria Release Date uncovered

Some of you might think that if it's not been announced by Blizzard, then this might not be true. However with the state of MOP, and with everything we have learned about Blizzard's methods, we believe this information to be

Diablo 3: Named Boss Dupe

A named pack/mob will drop at least 1 magic item once all are dead, possibly more if it's a yellow creature. This cheat, allows you to dupe the mobs for repeat farming.