Daily Archives: 26 May 2012

Diablo 3: Armor, Resistances, and Effective Health

Your damage reduction is based on your armor and resistances, and how those stats are based on Intelligence and Strength. I'm hoping for people to have a thorough understanding of damage reduction based on those stats, and how to make

Diablo 3: RMAH pushed back again, release date unknown

And in other news, the RMAH has been pushed back again. The newest release date is now unknown. However with more and more bots coming soon, we can expect Diablo 3 gold to hit about $4/M before it's done going

WoW: Companion Pet Guide – Sea Pony Pet, DarkMoon Faire Isle

This guide will teach you how to get the Sea Pony Pet on any level character, via the Darkmoon Faire. Please note this is only available once a month for a week, so only available for a short time. You must

Diablo 3: Azmodan Glitch Rushing Leveling trick

This is the Azmodan Glitch Rushing trick which will allow you to level VERY very quickly in a group. You do not need a high level to help you. But you will need 4 people including yourself. From 45-51 is