Daily Archives: 27 May 2012

Tera: Velik’s Complete Leveling Guide part 1

I have decided to share with you, Velik's complete leveling guide for Tera Online. This is one of those projects which seems to have been abandoned, after the author made a little bit of money on it. Since there are

Starcraft 2: It’s all about the Queen

This is a sample video of one of the guides available to Shokz video tutorial service. It's a guide which will teach you to use your queen more effectively in battle, and teach you some additional tactic's to use against

Diablo 3: Glitch to Act 4 Final boss in Inferno Mode

This trick will teach you how to glitch to the end of various modes. For example go from Act 1 Inferno directly to Act 4 final boss, without having to go through act's 2 and 3 Inferno.