Daily Archives: 28 May 2012

Tera: Velik’s Complete Leveling guide – part 2

Following along the release of Velik's 1-10 guide yesterday, this is the 10-20 guide written by Velik's Tera Mastery Guide. We are releasing their complete leveling guide as it stands today.  Due to a DMCA complaint, this file has been

Tera: Change your Chat Color

This is a simple trick which will allow you to change your chat color in game, on any channel. All you need to do is type one letter, then simply link an item and then backspace to clear out the

Diablo 3: How to unlock the Secret Pony Level

In this guide we will show you how to get to the Secret Pony level.  We'll show you exactly what you need to get and where to get them in order to make the staff to open up the Secret