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StarCraft 3: Idra vs Shokz match with pro video analysis

Anyone can show a video of a battle between a tough competitor showing what they did right, especially when they only battle them and win 1 of 10 matches. The harder part and there is a lesson here, is watching

Diablo 3: Static Chest Farming

Maybe you've heard about this, maybe you haven't. This is a cheat which will allow you to farm a chest in a static location, over and over and over again. It takes a bit of intelligence and a decent level

Diablo 3: Should you invest in more accounts?

On one of the forums I read/post on, someone was asking whether or not he should invest in another account, so that he can list more auctions. While I would like to tell the person that no he shouldn't, not

GuildWars 2: Video Preview – Hearts, Dynamic Events

Guild Wars 2's dynamic events, hearts, lack of quests and their impact on leveling. It's a good preview which compares briefly to Warhammer and Rift.

Diablo 3: Working 2-Person Item Dupe Bug

I am sure that posting this, will entice people to use it and then for some strange reason spread it to other forums, brag to their friends, or worse post it on youtube, but I don't care. This is the

Diablo 3: Key Bindings guide

Key Bindings are always an important factor for anyone playing a video game.  There will be many things while playing Diablo 3 that will be beneficial to you when playing with bound hot keys.

Diablo 3: Blizzard Server HACKED!

Ok, so we all can expect some glitches here and there, and we all know how to take some basic prevention in order to keep our accounts safe. But what happens when the problem isn't us, it's the game company? This is

Diablo 3: How to kill the Treasure Bandit or Pygment

If you have 2 people, this is immensely easy. If you don't, then it's a little harder, but knowing the mechanics of this critter, will make your job on killing this midget, makes it easier.

Rift: Bob Saget’s AutoIT Fishbot script

Not only is Bob Saget funny, but he can code in AutoIt. Here's a fishing bot script, which has an easy to understand GUI which will allow you to fish for hours catching and leveling your fishing to no end.

Diablo 3: Barbarian Stun Lock cheat, down any boss or BAM

This is a pretty nifty trick, and has proven to allow you to take down any and all boss mobs, without taking damage. Note that this is only for barbarians. 

Rift: New Seals and How to obtain them

This is just a guide on what the new seals are and how to obtain them. All the seals can be combined Epic Augments (Check list below) to increase their base stats, so don't forget to add these when crafting your

WoW: Mists of Pandaria Release Date uncovered

Some of you might think that if it's not been announced by Blizzard, then this might not be true. However with the state of MOP, and with everything we have learned about Blizzard's methods, we believe this information to be

Diablo 3: Named Boss Dupe

A named pack/mob will drop at least 1 magic item once all are dead, possibly more if it's a yellow creature. This cheat, allows you to dupe the mobs for repeat farming.

Tera: Balder’s Temple Video Walkthrough

Learn to take down all the BAM/Boss Mobs in Balder's Temple including both Kumas. This video walkthrough is meant to teach you the best way to take down each boss. Variations can be made to the play style, and those

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Video Introduction Guide

This is a video guide which will teach you the basics of the Demon Hunter, and help you decide if you want to play it. For anyone who is under level 10, it will also give you  glance at what

Diablo 3: Listing Fees – Don’t Sell Low Level Items

So you're thinking, Hey, it's only a few more days, and then I can sell on the RMAH, am I right? Well you're in for a surprise, I am guessing. It seems that the RMAH is made to make Blizzard

Tera: Speed Leveling cheat

This cheat will allow you to level super fast. But you need a high level healing friend to help you, such as a priest or a mystic.

Diablo 3: Barbarian Introduction Video Guide

This is one of the videos put out by Talonz, which is going to help you decide if you want to play a Barbarian or not. Keep in mind that the Barbarian is a tanking class, which does a lot

Diablo 3: Witch Doctor AoE/DoT Build

This is my Witch Doctor leveling build for Diablo 3, my character is now upto level 16. This build is slightly overpowered, with all the AoEs and DoTs in the build. I haven't found a single nor group of mobs

SWTOR: How to kill any mob, in any flashpoint, solo

In SWTOR, there is a game hack, which is fairly simple to do which will allow you to kill any melee mob. If it can do a ranged attack, then you won't be able to kill it easily. We highly

StarCraft 2: Interactive Guide ZvT – Safe Macro Play

You might be surprised to find out, that 1.5 years after the release of StarCraft 2, that there is a guide which is still being updated and still relevant with the game's mechanics. That's Shokz SC2 guide. As part of