Monthly Archives: June 2012 Mobile Authenticator, without the Mobile phone

If you play WoW, Diablo 3, or even Starcraft 2, then this might interest you. It seems you don't need to have an android/iphone nor even a physical authenticator, if you use this app for Windows. This not only saves

TSW: How to Claim pre-order items

While the store is currently down due to the high amounts of traffic, this will teach you how to claim your pre-order items which came with your purchase, such as the cat or T-Shirts, etc. To Claim pre-order items: Select

WoT: Know thy enemy. When you know them, you can defeat them

In a recent battle, it got down to 3 on 2, then 2 on 2, 1 on 2, and finally 1 on 1. Like any battle this is something which happens fairly often. I was perched up on a hill,

The Secret World: Info Sheet & Important Links

Information compiled by Tom Riddle The Secret World Game Synopsis Game synopsis from: A massively multiplayer online role–playing game, The Secret World takes place on our earth, in our times, and yet is a tale of mythology and ancient mysteries. For there

Guild Wars 2: Official Release Date Announced

Well, it's official, Guild Wars 2, will be released on August 28, 2012. Pre-Order Guild Wars 2, to get beta access, 3 day pre-release access, and exclusive in-game items. Why this date you might ask? Well, partly because they figure

Rift: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – Locations

In Trion's infinite wisdom, they decided for an event called Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach. Aptly, the quest is to plant trees. Unfortunately, there is one major problem. In Scarwood Reach, there is only a total of 5 locations you

Diablo 3: Language Hack – Fix for Errors 81, 82, 83, 84

What this does is changes your language of your client to any other language, including English from Russian. Now if you're wondering what's so special about Russian -> English, it's because some people have purchased Russian CDKeys for $40, but

Rift: Mentoring new experiences and OP Cheat

I got a chance to play with Mentoring yesterday. I was playing one of my lower level characters, and I was definitely impressed. So I went hunting with a Guardian Rogue I was leveling up, playing with my Warrior tank

D3: How to become Hated in Diablo 3 trick

I came upon this trick, with my Witch Doctor. Instead of going for massive damage, I have aimed at crowd control. This helps my party to no end if I am fighting with them as my enemies attack us less.

The Secret World: Early Access Download

 Just a little heads up, for those who are awaiting The Secret World by Funcom, you can download their Beta Client, which will automatically patch to the Early Access Client (and presumably the Release version). Early Access starts Friday the 29th!

Tera Online: Velik’s Tera Leveling guide Part 12 (56-58)

Here's the 12th and final part of Velik's Tera Leveling guide, which is now abandoned leveling guide. It's for levels 56-58. It's grafix intensive and has an easy to follow color scheme which makes this an easy to follow guide. However

WoW: Destruction Warlock PvP Guide

Destruction Warlocks in PvP are known for their high damage output. To be effective with a Destruction Warlock, you have to make up for your lack of CC (Crowd Control) with damage. Killing an enemy quickly is essential to your

Diablo 3: Selling Cheap-o, making money on the RMAH now

If you hadn't read a recent post about selling on the RMAH, I wanted to point out a few simple things. You don't have to sell only Inferno level 60+ items. In fact selling some level 30-55 works just as

WoW: Hunter Marksman PvP guide

PvP Marksmanship Hunters are key factor in PvP due to their melee ranged attacks. They are able to inflict melee damage from a distance. When playing a Marksmanship hunter your primary focus should be to stay far away from the

SWTOR: Game Update v1.3: Allies – going live on Tuesday June 26

BioWare's SWTOR Game Update 1.3: Allies is set to be released with this Tuesday’s scheduled maintenance. BioWare’s Courtney Woods posted on the official forums stating not only the usual scheduled maintenance information, but also providing a brief overview of Update

D3: The RMAH Shuffle aka Flipping for profits

Written by Markco That first sale, mmhmmm how good it feels! You post your auctions with fear and anxiety until you make that first sale. Suddenly the veil is lifted and a surge of confidence flows through your veins. Now

Tera: Velik Leveling Guide part 11 (53-55)

Here's part 11 of Velik's Tera Leveling guide, which is now abandoned leveling guide. It's for levels 53-55. It's grafix intensive and has an easy to follow color scheme which makes this an easy to follow guide. However since it's now

WoW: Fire Mage PvP Guide

PvP Fire Mages are known for doing some of the largest amounts of damage, in the shortest periods of time. Because you miss out on some of the CC and armor effects of Frost, you have to be very careful

Diablo 3: Cashing out your balance from the RMAH

If you've been using the RMAH, and sending your money to your balance, waiting to build it up and cash it out, you're in for a surprise. In fact it's the same surprise that I was in for. You

Diablo 3: MiniMap Track hack

This is a very small, quick app created to enable tracking objects on the minimap in-game that can't normally be tracked. It will show rare monsters (including treasure goblins/pygmies) as well as chests and certain other lootables. It also has

D3: Establishing the price of gold on the RMAH

Did you know that the price of gold on the RMAH is probably the least important value you need to be aware of as an auctioneer?