Daily Archives: 1 June 2012

Rift: Storm Legion expansion announced – teaser video

There isn't much to say regarding the Rift: Storm Legion expansion at the moment, except to show you this trailer. I am however wondering what will happen with the planar attunement and how it will affect levels, if they add

WoW: How to farm Crocolisk Companion Pets

The pets come from a Daily called "Crocolisks in the City" once you complete this daily you will get a Bag of Fishing Treasures which will have roughly a 50% chance of containing one of the pets. There are 4

Diablo 3: Working Gold and Item Dupe

Warning: If you get caught you might get banned, use with caution and only use this 1-2 times. However, if you follow the directions exactly, you won't get caught. This dupe will copy not only all your gold, but all