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Diablo 3: Buy Low, Sell High tip – vendor items

In act 4 of Inferno (possibly other acts as well), you can sometimes get the Fence vendor, SE of WP - to sell rings or amulets with MF.  They cost 7.5k and I can sell them easily for 20k to makes

Tera: Lag Past Mobs

This is useful cheat for getting past mobs that are blocking narrow entrances. It will allow you to bypass any mob, but there is a limit of 5 seconds to this lag cheat.

Diablo III: Brady Games’ Diablo 3 Gaming Guide pdf download

Brady Games' Diablo 3 Gaming GuideWelcome to the Sanctuary Save Sanctuary from the Forces of HellHundreds of monsters and a host of evil horrors stand between you and your conquest to save Sanctuary. Myriad treasures and dangers await your exploration, and