Daily Archives: 6 June 2012

Diablo 3: Warden Now Activated

It's official, Warden has been activated. So if you were using hacks and bots... don't. Otherwise you risk getting banned, just for logging in with a hack or bot active. I am still waiting on 2 bots to be released,

WoW: How to get to the Crocolisk under Dalaran

A simple guide to teach you how to get under Dalaran, and then to get to the crocolisk called Vern. Note you will need a few Underbelly Elixirs to get there, so stock up on them.

Diablo 3: Debunking the Billion Gold Myth

Have you seen the guy posting on the D3 forums, claiming to have Billions of gold, and wanting to sell it at $2/M when the game is released? It's a farce. And here my friends is the proof... (no screenshots

World of Tanks: Protecting Arty

You've heard the cry, we all have. It's a common one by noob Arty. They say something along the lines of "Can you protect me? I have no armor". Or they tell you how much more valuable they are in