Daily Archives: 9 June 2012

Diablo 3: FREE membership to Cain’s Wealth guide loophole

This is a backend loophole to Cain's Wealth Gold guide. It will allow you to register a free membership to their guide, and then have free access to their "Diablo 3 gold guide".

World of Tanks: 5 battles in a row!

Yup, FIVE of them. Thats how many battles, where the heavies went left or right, and then everyone else except for either me, or me and 1 other tank went the other way. So as the enemy harried our forces

FW: Speed Leveling in beginner zones

Once your character is created and loaded into game you will likely want to level pretty quickly. While delving into the world itself, this is a method to level very quickly out of the beginner areas.