Daily Archives: 12 June 2012

Diablo 3: RMAH is Live… how much did you make?

It only took a month, and Blizzard finally released the RMAH. As such, we paused all our ads, and are waiting to see how it goes. However I want to point out that there is only the auctions allowed for

WoW: MoP Beta Cheat for Shadow Priest – level 85-90 in 30 mins

This method uses a Beta exploit of an ability for Shadow Priests. It will allow you to pull massive amounts of mobs and then to AoE them to death. It requires a group to maximize the damage, but should allow

Diablo 3: Incoming Ban Waves

Blizzard has re-iterated that they will NOT stand for bots, hacks, and cheats. In fact with Warden being activated already and logging in process, this might be your last warning. In fact, there is an official warning on the D3

Diablo 3: Cancel any auction

We're not sure if this will work with the RMAH, however it does work with the GAH. It will allow you to cancel the GAH auction, even if your 5 minutes are up.