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WoT: Self Propelled Guns – SPG- Arty – Artillery

Self Propelled Guns - SPG- Arty - Artillery. These are some of the names which this beloved and misunderstood tanks is oft named. Sometimes with other heated words, such as "***ing Arty!"  SPG's are considered by many to be an

Diablo 3: MimicBot Releases Diablo III bot – WARNING – Detected!

I told you all, a while ago, I wouldn't endorse any bot I don't trust, and that I was awaiting 2 different bots to come out because they both have experience dealing with Warden via WoW. Any other bot, is

Diablo 3: Complete Walkthrough, Builds, Achievement guide

The world of Sanctuary has once again come under siege by Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and his legions from the Burning Hells. New heroes have risen to answer the threat, but this time the danger is more menacing than