Daily Archives: 15 June 2012

WoW MoP Beta: Buy S12 PvP Gear for free cheat

I am not sure if this is an exploit or not, but on the PTR you can purchase the S12 PvP gear, instead of farming it.  The items don't actually cost anything. So that's an added bonus.

Diablo 3: Banwaves Confirmed – Free/New bots got hit

I have been preaching to people not to use bots like Hellbuddy, because of their free trial, but more because of their lack of anti-warden technology. It's now been confirmed that TENS of THOUSANDs have been hit by the banwaves.

D3: Witchdoctor Inferno guide – Spec, Gear, Skills

We teach you how to be successful in Inferno on a Witch Doctor.  This guide goes over the best skills, and when you should use them. It also discusses your gear and how to find your base stats, as well