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Tera: Velik Leveling Guide part 8 (45-47)

Here's part 8 of Velik's Tera Leveling guide, which is now abandoned leveling guide. It's for levels 45-47. It's grafix intensive and has an easy to follow color scheme which makes this an easy to follow guide. However since it's now

SWTOR: 75k Players left…

This is an approximation, based on there only being 23 servers left, with an approximation of 3k players per server (give or take) I am guestimating the total game population to be around 75k, down from 2million sales is VERY

Diablo 3: Farming the Dank Cellar

The Dank Cellar is a chance to spawn cellar just before you reach the ruins of Old Tristram. It has a rare quilbeast with a few adds. They drop around 3k gold, and two blues each time without any Gold