Daily Archives: 24 June 2012

Tera: Velik Leveling Guide part 11 (53-55)

Here's part 11 of Velik's Tera Leveling guide, which is now abandoned leveling guide. It's for levels 53-55. It's grafix intensive and has an easy to follow color scheme which makes this an easy to follow guide. However since it's now

WoW: Fire Mage PvP Guide

PvP Fire Mages are known for doing some of the largest amounts of damage, in the shortest periods of time. Because you miss out on some of the CC and armor effects of Frost, you have to be very careful

Diablo 3: Cashing out your battle.net balance from the RMAH

If you've been using the RMAH, and sending your money to your battle.net balance, waiting to build it up and cash it out, you're in for a surprise. In fact it's the same surprise that I was in for. You