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WoW: Hunter Marksman PvP guide

PvP Marksmanship Hunters are key factor in PvP due to their melee ranged attacks. They are able to inflict melee damage from a distance. When playing a Marksmanship hunter your primary focus should be to stay far away from the

SWTOR: Game Update v1.3: Allies – going live on Tuesday June 26

BioWare's SWTOR Game Update 1.3: Allies is set to be released with this Tuesday’s scheduled maintenance. BioWare’s Courtney Woods posted on the official forums stating not only the usual scheduled maintenance information, but also providing a brief overview of Update

D3: The RMAH Shuffle aka Flipping for profits

Written by Markco That first sale, mmhmmm how good it feels! You post your auctions with fear and anxiety until you make that first sale. Suddenly the veil is lifted and a surge of confidence flows through your veins. Now