Daily Archives: 27 June 2012

D3: How to become Hated in Diablo 3 trick

I came upon this trick, with my Witch Doctor. Instead of going for massive damage, I have aimed at crowd control. This helps my party to no end if I am fighting with them as my enemies attack us less.

The Secret World: Early Access Download

 Just a little heads up, for those who are awaiting The Secret World by Funcom, you can download their Beta Client, which will automatically patch to the Early Access Client (and presumably the Release version). Early Access starts Friday the 29th!

Tera Online: Velik’s Tera Leveling guide Part 12 (56-58)

Here's the 12th and final part of Velik's Tera Leveling guide, which is now abandoned leveling guide. It's for levels 56-58. It's grafix intensive and has an easy to follow color scheme which makes this an easy to follow guide. However