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Rift: Unlimited Interrupts, no Cooldown for Rogue

While I have been messing with my new All-In-One Rogue Build, I came across an ability which will allow you to do unlimited amounts of Interrupts, without worry about cooldown. You need 34 points in the Bard Tree to get

Rift: Bard Tank DPS PvP All-In-One Build

This build has a super high survival rate, when hunting solo or even in groups. It goes 36 points in Bard, 26 in Riftstalker, and 6 in Assassin. It can kill fast with assassin abilities when in a group for

D3: Change Item Names, then link them in chat

This is a simple memory hack, which will allow you to make changes to your game item names for as long as you are in the game. However, once you leave the game will reset the names. The interesting part

Guild Wars 2: UI / Skill bar / Keyboard & Mouse Commands

Everything you might want to know about Guild Wars 2's Graphical User Interface (GUI), Skills Bars, Keyboards, and Mouse Commands, in accordance to the game while it's in Beta. This information was compiled by Tom Riddle

Warez: VMWare Workstation v8 with KeyGen

These days, if you're botting and the application you are using to bot, doesn't support multiple windows, you can either use multiple computers, or use VMWare. However VMWare is not cheap, and this is where this download comes into play.

D3: Gold Farming Script – 100k-200k/hr

The bot is made with Java and it's based on the class "robot". It supports several resolutions, and is working with normal mouse clicks so you can't do anything else while it's running. It will farm and net you about 100k-200k

LOTRO Lookout: 2012 Farmer’s Faire Guide

written and compiled by Tom Riddle For a change I did not delete without reading my weekly Lotro junk mail but opened the ad. I had heard about a Faire coming, and that it was not replacing the Summer Festival,

Runescape: 99 Construction Guide

Construction is a member-only skill. In Runescape, you are able to create a “player owned house” or for short: POH. There are many useful benefits and advantages of having a high level house in Runescape. There are various teleports you

LOTRO: Beta Leak – Riders of Rohan Armor Sets

Credit to anonymous for this find. This file is LONG (7000px long) - and about 1.3 mb big. I posted a "thumbnail" of the picture, and it links to the actual image. It's got each and every armor set for Riders

Tera: New Whimsical Weapon Skins

In an effort to garner more money, Tera has released some purchasable weapon skins. I have to admit, they are very sexy, and I would be tempted to purchase one myself. Here's a preview of some of the skins. 

Diablo 3: Price Checker

So you have this really cool item, and you want to know what it's worth. Or maybe you want to know what the average price is on a given item. This is what Diablo 3 Market Watch hopes to contribute

Tera Online: Argon’s Tera Mastery Guide Download

Argon's Tera Online Mastery guides promises a lot, do they deliver? You be the judge. Here's some of the things they promise. Review them, then check below to see if they truly do deliver on all their promises or not.

GW2: 4 Pillars of Guild Wars 2 Gameplay videos

These are the 4 Pillars, or core parts of the game, shown in video format by ArenaNet. These 4 pillars are; personal story, dynamic events, combat, and PvP. GW2 Personal Story 

Diablo 3: AutoIt Script Level 15-60 AFK – Any Class

This is a bot for Diablo 3! It will level you from 15-50 with little interaction. All you need to do is update your gear and set it up to run with some skills. It will run Bastion's Keep Stronghold

SWTOR: Best Farming Location 150k-250k per hour

This area is only for Republic, level 50's. It will allow you to farm 150k-250k credits an hour (with a max of 1M/hour). It's not for everyone, and you can't bot it. However for easy credits, nothing can beat this

Rift: Free 3 Day Weekend

In an effort to show old players the changes which have been wrought in Rift, the developers will be offering a free 3 day weekend. You will be able to start playing Friday, finishing up on Sunday to play and

Guild Wars 2: PvP / WvW Overviews

Information collected by Tom Riddle Tom Riddle continues his research into Guild Wars 2. This time he brings Player vs Player and World vs World into his line of sites. Read here to learn everything you need to about PvP

TSW: Combat Log Parser

Ever wanted to know what you were doing in terms of damage or healing against a mob, when you are hunting in a group? Who does the most damage, who does the least, and just how much DPS you're actually

D3: Inferno Farming – Gold, Magic Items, Treasure Goblins

I have found a good sequence to run in Act 1 Inferno, which has really helped me in my speed runs, which I am now going to share with you.Once done I remake another game and do it again. This

D3: Down Azmodian in 4 Seconds as Barbarian

originally posted by doggyfish Allows you to down Azmodian in 3-4 seconds as a Barbarian, using an exploit within the game. The charge effect, with a damage + rune, will give you an ungodly advantage making you nearly invulnerable.

Rift: Automatic Salvager and Runebreaker

A simple script created with AutoIt to automatically produce a specified number of items and then use the "Salvage Armor" Skill (or whatever you want to use) to get crafting materials for weapon stones and so on.  This script will