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GW2: Level 80… So now what?

If you just hit 80, then your lifelong goal is complete, and I kinda pity you, while worshiping you at the same time, however with more people are starting to hit level 80, you are all hitting the same choices.

GW2: Karma Weapon Exploit = BAN HAMMER – 2nd chance!

If you used the Karma Weapon exploit, and got caught, you were likely banned. However, all is not lost. As a treatise ArenaNet has offered a repeal of sorts...

GW2: WvW Cheat – win more often

It always seems to be the same, one side wins All-the-time, and the other loses all-the-time, am I right? Use this "cheat" to win more often at WvW. This will take a bit of research, however once you get it

GW2: Ressurection Cheat

If you have a Portalstone to the Halls of Monument, you can use this to cheat yourself out of some ressurection costs. How do you get one? You need to have had GW installed, and then upgraded and added GW2

Rift Free Storm Legion expansion with subscription

In what seems to be the current trend of things, Trion is jumping on the bandwagon and offering a free upgrade to their Storm Legion expansion, if players purchase 1 year of subscription time. This is actually a heck of

GW2: Level 80 Epic 1-H and 2-H Weapons for near 2k Karma – Nerfed

Buy 1 handed level 80 epic weapons for 1.4k karma and 2-H level 80 weps for 2k karma. These are normally sold for 63k karma each. These weps seem to be BOE, so we recommend selling them asap, to maximize

GW2: Wall Casting Leakage Exploit

I have used this type of exploit before, easily one of my favorites. Basically what you do, is you cast an Area of Attack spell at a wall. If you are lucky, some of the attack, will actually leak through

GW2: MMO Minion for GW2 Progress & UI

The Rift Minion bot, is an excellent bot, well coded, and isn't like most of the path bots out there. Path bots, go in the same circle all day, and are easy to spot. It's part of the reason I

GW2: How to Kite Champion mobs

Kiting mobs, is the act of using terrain to run around mobs, so that you can always attack them, while minimizing the amount of hits you take. Sometimes you can even glitch the mobs to where they are unable to

Tera Online: Free to Use (beta) Grind bot

A free to use (while in beta) bot, for the players of the popular game called Tera Online. This bot uses custom classes and has some built in fighting routines to allow it to farm mobs for you. Profiles are

Otherland: Game play video from Gamescon

Here's one of the first looks of what we can expect for the mmo being worked on based on Otherland by Tad Williams book series. Please remember, this mmo was in Alpha stages at the time of the video, and

Guild Wars 2: Cooking Recipe + Ingredient Location List

This is a spreadsheet which shows most of the different cooking recipes in the game, what ingredients they take to make them, and then where to get the actual ingredients. Page 1 - RecipesPage 2 - Ingredient ListPage 3 -

Guild Wars 2: Level 18-40 Quickly

In GW2 there is a method which will allow you and possibly a group of friends to level very quickly. In fact each level should take 30-45 mins with this method - which imho is VERY fast for a new

When gaming goes awry

I read a bit from some of the different news sites, to keep up with the latest information on which games are coming out for the MMO genre. So when I found a post written up on Game Informer talking

WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 2)

Preparing yourself and your characters for Mists of Pandaria, starts yesterday. While others will scramble a week or so before the release of the expansion, you have your chance to do it now, knowing a bit of what is coming

GW2: Infinite Chest Looting Dupe Exploit

The holy grail of exploiting, is a dupe bug, and it seems that GW2 has one - though in this case you can loot a chest multiple times, not actually dupe a specific item. You can expect this exploit to

News: Demonoid down for the count, up for sale – alternatives

It happens a few times a year, one of the most popular websites goes down for the count, usually when the police raid the servers and force the sites down - or at least that's what happened in this case

D3: Blizzard Trash-Talks David Brevik after interview

This is a repost from elsewhere, but it's following an interview between David Brevik of Diablo 1 and 2, and IncGamers, discussing some "flaws" with Diablo 3. Blizzard employees trash-talk the interview via Facebook. The aftermath and crap talk, is

GW2: Jumping Puzzles explained

credit to Zorthos for this find GW2's world is filled to the brim with interesting environments. However many MMO devs have is a lack of detail to some areas, so to bring details, puzzles were added so more people will

LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2012 – ROR Contest

Rather then re-writing, or delving through the Summer Festival this year, we decided to let others do it, and then to link to it. Something to do while waiting for October 15.... LOTRO Summer Festival Guide 2012 August 23, 2012

WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 1)

In about a month Mists Of Pandaria will ship out and finally we will have something new to do, kill new baddies, raid new places, level our professions and open up new opportunities to make gold. But before MoP finally