Daily Archives: 3 August 2012

TSW: New Content, New Event – Anniversary Celebration

It's an exciting time for The Secret World players, as new content is being released as well as freebies! In this case it's in the form of Fireworks. While it's always fun to set these babies off, we recommend holding

WoW: Embersilk Cloth Gold Farming Guide – 10k gold per hour

This is an improved guide to farming Embersilk Cloth. There are plenty of guides out there, but this is probably one of the better ones. This works best if you have 2 players, but can be done with just one. When

SWTOR: Going F2P this Fall

It was announced the other day that SWTOR will be going Free-to-play this fall. The subscriber base has dropped below 1 Million, and I guess thats the tipping point on games these days. o.O I remember when a super successful

D3: End Game Wizard Build and Strategy

Once you’ve reached Nightmare Mode and beyond, things can get rather nasty for a Wizard. Luckily, there’s a few builds and suggestions to help you out. We’re going to focus on one single build, which I’ve found to be amazing