Daily Archives: 5 August 2012

Dragon Nest: How to obtain Average Onyxes

This guide will teach you the best way to obtain Average Onyxes. You will need crude onyxes and octagonal water. Know when, how, who, and where to obtain them. While you are running your frag party group, you will notice

End of Nations: Video Tutorials part 1

These are the official tutorials presented by Trion for their upcoming game End of Nations (which reminds me a bit of Starcraft 2, with multiplayer missions).   Selecting your units and using control groups     RPS System in End

The Secret World: Battleground Guide

TSW Battleground Guide To get started let me show you how to even bring up the PvP window and how to enter a PvP game. In the upper right hand side of your screen, where the minimap is you will