Daily Archives: 13 August 2012

Diablo 3: Flipping Weapons for profit

I hate selling weapons. Mostly because it’s a super random market. There are lots of variables and the prices people put up seem more based on wishful thinking than the prices for regular gear. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve

GW2: How To Make Gold via the Trading Post

This is a rather long video/video cast, so I have linked you the part which pertains to making gold in GuildWars 2. Of course it can be an arduous task, which is why you can always Buy GW2 Gold, that's

Rift: Mobile Android App – for windows

Assuming for a moment, you have been reading everything we have been posting about Rift, then you probably already know about the mobile authenticator, which you need in order to make an account - and which we have now provided